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Showcase Photo Gallery

Texas Birding Highlights

High Island, Texas
Spring Migration

This Slideshow
highlights our birding trip to
High Island, Texas.

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Showcase Photo Gallery

Dave's Birding Photo Blog
My most recent Pixs, Places, & Ponderings
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BirdingPix Panoramic Photos
Very-Large-Size Super-High-Resolution Panoramic Photos from Around the World

King Penguins - South Georgia Island

BirdingPix Photo Galleries
High-Resolution Photo Slideshows from Around the World

Southeastern Arizona
California Top 100
Puerto Rico

Las Vegas Desert
Monterey, California
Boston Birding
California Coast

Antarctica - Penguins
Antarctica Presentation
Alaska Inside Passage
Polar Bears

Trinidad & Tobago
Bald Eagles
Morro Bay
Panoche Valley

Christmas Bird Count
Short-eared Owls

Southern California

Pix of Every Bird Observed
My Most Challenging (and Fun) Goal
"Taking a Photo of Every Bird I've Observed in the World"

It's Big!    It's Fun!    Is it Possible?

It's difficult enough to actually FIND and OBSERVE a new bird species... and it's an additonal challenge to actually take a PHOTO too!  It certainly adds a new level of effort and excitement to my birding experiences.  I know it's a never-ending, lifelong quest... but to me, it's really fun... and I'm happy to share my progress with you.

When initially finding a new bird species... my first reaction is to OBSERVE the bird by looking and listening as best as the situation allows... usually via binoculars and/or spotting scope. Then, if I've got my camera with me, my next reaction is to get at least one pix... quickly.  We all know that too often, the observation will be short and brief... the bird is there and then gone.  It's definitely a challenge!  Unfortnately, sometimes I've clearly seen the bird, and I never got a single photo taken.  Other times, the bird will pose gloriously in good light for hours.  That's birding photography!

The photos included in this section fall into one of three categories:  

  • 'SLIDESHOW' quality - photos which are sharp, clear, close, stunning... which show the species very well.
                                        These photos are also featured in the Photo Gallery Slideshows.
  • 'SIGHTING'     quality - photos which show the species... but are either distant, poorly lit, unsharp, hidden, etc.
  • 'IT'S A BIRD'   quality - photos which I KNOW are in fact the named species... but the bird is either too distant, too
                                        poorly lit, too blurry, unfocused, etc.  It would be impossible for another person to ID the bird...
                                        but it's a photo I took!

It would be wonderful if every photo was perfect, but that's just not reality!  So some pixs are better than others.
Enjoy the results... of "Pix of Every Bird"...  and come back often, hopefully there are new entries!



Dave's Birding LifeLists

Thoughts about my Birding LifeLists

My LifeLists are important to me, and I put a lot of care and effort to make sure they are: 1) up-to-date,
2) accurate, 3) honest.

LifeLists mean different things to different people. To some, they are informal listings of which birds they've observed.  To others, they are complete records of what, when, and where every species were experienced.

 My LifeLists provide memories to reflect back on past experiences, and promote a goal-oriented objective for new milestones and achievements.

Entries to LifeLists are in accordance with the five (5) American Birding Association (ABA) Recording Rules.

Complete Listing of Every Bird Observed   (as of 04 April 2014)
World LIFELIST (by Family)   World LIFELIST (by number)
(sorted by family)
(listed in observed order)
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BirdingPix Video Galleries 
  Wildlife Video Chapters from Africa and Madagascar

Madagascar -- Chameleons and Geckos!

This VIDEO chapter showcases several species of the endemic colorful Chameleons and Geckos we found in Madagascar in 2005.

The action-packed video also includes a super-slow-motion 'instant replay' scene of a Parson's Chameleon catching a grasshopper!

running time :  5:05 minutes
Parson's Chameleon Parson's Chameleon Gecko Parson's Chameleon Eats

South Africa -- Lions of the Morning !
Lions in Kruger National Park
Filmed within the world-renowned Kruger National Park, the flagship and largest of the South African parks, this VIDEO chapter features the undisputed "King of the Jungle", including a beautiful adult male lion and female lioness.

Also includes close-up views of a lion walking calmly right alongside our jeep!
running time :  6:05 minutes
Lions in Kruger National Park Lions in Kruger National Park Lions in Kruger National Park Lions in Kruger National Park

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