About BirdingPix.com

The focus of BirdingPix.com is to offer high-resolution bird photos and slideshows from around the world. There are over 20 different photo slideshows available, as well as some very cool videos filmed in the wilds of Africa and Madagascar.

Many visitors explore the “Pix of Every Bird” pages to help determine bird identification of birds they have seen in their yard or wherever. With currently over 1000+ different bird species photographed, these pages provide a fun way to browse lots of different species easily. Many of these photos have been published in various birding guide books or brochures… and even some are included on the iPhone and iPad in the most popular mobile birding app, iBird.

Enjoy your visit… and please do share your short message on the COMMENTS page to say hello and let me know you visited… and what you liked or any ideas for improvements!
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About Dave

I’ve always enjoyed photography, but my real passion and interest for birding and wildlife actually happened as a result of my first safari trip to Africa in 2002.

It was a “life-changing experience!”   The overwhelming emotions of that trip… the incredible natural setting, scenery, and sunsets, the abundant wildlife, the spectacular colorful birds, and the African culture and people… it all ignited a new passion inside me.

As an active Audubon Society and American Birding Association member, I enjoy the fun and the challenge of birding and photography… whether on some far away trail across the globe, or on a local weekend Audubon bird walk.

Dave lives with his wife, Barbi… in northern California just south of the San Francisco Bay in Morgan Hill, California.

I’m a worldwide birder who maintains a detailed lifelist of every bird species I’ve observed, which I openly share for others to view, and I’m also a bird photographer trying to get a photo of every bird on my lifelist. These are similar, yet different goals to achieve.

It’s often a real challenge to find, observe, and determine the bird species in the field, and then to also capture a decent photograph… in focus, with proper exposure, showing the field marks for ID… all before the bird flies away! Sometimes… I don’t get ANY photo. That’s birding photography!

I’ve been fortunate to have visited all seven continents… even including the hardest to get to… Antarctica. I went there to photograph the penguins and albatrosses, and loved every bit of it! It is an amazing place… and I hope to go back there someday to renew the incredible experience of visiting the most remote place on Earth.

I love nature and birding photography… but I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to explore new areas and challenges in photography. That’s why I’ve created my other web site  www.BirdingPix.me     to share my photography interests beyond birding and nature… such as landscapes, nighttime, people, light-painting, and travel photography.   Fun!