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Wildlife Video Chapters from Africa and Madagascar

Filmed within the world-renowned Kruger National Park, the flagship and largest of the South African parks, this video chapter features the undisputed "King of the Jungle", including a beautiful adult male lion and female lioness.

Also includes close-up views of a lion walking very close to us alongside our jeep!
running time :   6:05 minutes 


This video chapter showcases several species of the endemic colorful Chameleons and Geckos we encountered in Madagascar.
This video includes a super-slow-motion "instant replay" scene of a Parson’s Chameleon catching a grasshopper with his tongue.
Amazing to watch in super-slow-motion!
running time :   5:02 minutes 


There are only 600+ of these incredible animals in the world, saved by Dian Fossey’s work, her book, and the movie "Gorillas in the Mist" and her tragic life living with the Mountain Gorillas.
This chapter showcases our "Once In a Lifetime" experience with the endangered Mountain Gorillas.  Filmed in Uganda in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo share the Virunga Mountains.
running time :   7:30 minutes 


Filmed within the dense rain forests of eastern and southern Madagascar, this video chapter highlights six of the endemic species of Lemurs found there, including the absolutely wonderful and very vocal species, the "Indri"!
The loud, captivating "Call of the Indri"… is so very unique, and not to be missed!
This is a must see and listen video!
running time :   8:43 minutes 


From the Mkhaya Game Reserve in Swaziland in southern Africa, this video chapter captures our absolutely heart-pounding encounter with a Black Rhino… as he unexpectedly turned back toward us while looking for this endangered species.
Filmed on the final day of a South African safari… this adventure became way too close for comfort… a scary experience we’ll never forget!
running time :   4:45 minutes